Last update: 15.10.2020
Solar control

Design with solar glass

The trend today is towards design-oriented façades, which require new designs in solar control glass.

Glass with low outside reflection can be manufactured, depending on the coating used. Glass façades can be built to neutralise the visible borders between inside and outside, yet remain energy efficient. On the other hand, there are mirroring or colour-reflecting coatings that allow for some architectural freedom, including the realisation of unconventional design concepts. Colour matching balustrades, for example, enlarge the range of solar control glass.

Such creative and additive glass design is generally project-related and feasible once the physical construction rules have been taken into account. Digital or screen print techniques are available, along with laminated safety glass. Please refer to Building with Glass Section for more information.

Looking for solar control glass?

Regardless of what the building’s architectural or building physical requirements are, the broad SunGuard® glass range can provide an optimum transparent solution.