Last update: 27.06.2019
Standards & norms

Glass thickness dimensioning

The installed glass is subject to different loads and should therefore be dimensioned according to the conditions. In addition to positive/negative wind and snow loads, its own weight and when using insulating glass, the climatic loads in the cavity should also be considered.

The following variants should in general be considered when calculating dimensions: 

•    Geographical location and installation position of the glazing
•    Load distribution
•    IGU cavity contraction and expansion due to fluctuating weather conditions (climatic load)
•    Glass bearing on all sides or partially
•    thermally induced glass stress

National guidelines and rules governing the precise dimensioning of glass should be introduced and adapted gradually in the medium term in all EU countries.

Examples of currently valid norms in Europe:

•    Germany: DIN 18008 
•    Austria: ÖNORM B 3716 
•    UK: BS 6180
•    Netherlands: NEN 2608 
•    Switzerland: SIGAB 002