Last update: 23.08.2019

Understanding Glass

Understanding glass – what it is, the different types of glasses and their uses, how it’s made, what its properties and benefits are – is not as simple as it may seem. Today, glass is much more than a simple barrier between you and the outside. It can offer a huge array of performance and aesthetic benefits, tailored to your specific project.

This is why we’ve created the ultimate online Knowledge Centre on glass and glazing-related topics. GlassTime is an outstanding tool to learn  about glass in a format that’s easy to navigate and that will help you find the information you need more easily and quickly than ever before.

Help is always close at hand. Each page of the handbook can be printed, saved as a PDF file, or shared with your colleagues by email. Throughout the guide, we’ve also made it easy for you to access the relevant glass product pages, as well as giving you easy access to our Acoustic Calculator and Product Comparison calculation tools. If you need to request a sample or seek our technical expertise, this is easy too.  

So dive right in, give it a try and test our knowledge on glass – we promise you won’t be disappointed.